Friday 26 October 2007

Mary @ Integration prize 2007

Today Crown Princess Mary has attended the award of the Integration Prizes for 2007 at the Circus Rotunda in Copenhagen. The prizes honour a focus on fighting social exclusion and efforts toward developing more inclusive communities and work environments in Denmark.

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The Integration Prize program
Integration in Denmark ( in English)
Integration Ministry press release (in Danish)

This year's integration award winners have been chosen and presented at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen today

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary awarded the prizes.
It was festive at Cirkusbygningen in Copenhagen integration prizes for companies, municipalities, enthusiasts etc., which have made for special efforts for integration, distributed this year for the sixth time.
The integration Ministry supports the honours and a jury chooses the nominatees as well as the winners of each year's prizes.
The prize giving was a tribute to the five winners of the 2007 integration prizes and all the other praiseworthy efforts which happen country wide.
This year's winners have all made an extraordinary effort and they can be an inspiration for others.

The employment prize:
Oracle Denmark ApS with the project Mentorordning for new Danes.

The enthusiast prize:
The NTACT-fund, Betty Nansen Teatret and the C project

Integration Town prize:
Odense Integrationsråd,

The municipal prize:
Vejle Kommune and the Byen in balance project

The school and education prize:
Rådmandsgades Skole in København N with the project Ildsjæle on Nørrebro.

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