Thursday 30 August 2007

Frederik, Mary & Christian @ Gad-Foss christening

SE og HØR and photos by Hans Bølcho
The weekend before last, on August 18, SE og HØR (no. 34/2007) reported on the christening of the third baby of the Crown Prince Couple's friends, ballerina Rose Gad and Holger Foss. The couple already have two boys and around the time of the birth of Princess Isabella they welcomed Dagmar Louise into their family. SE og HØR rather bizarrely took the angle that little Christian, who is not yet two, had his first experience of flirting with little Clara (not yet three!), who is the daughter of Mette Boetcher and Henning Jensen. It is a pity that SE og HØR should make children the objects of such ridiculous sexualisation. The christening was at Sankt Soerens Church in Gammel Rye, Silkeborg. Little Princess Isabella was there but didn't attend the church service.

SE og HØR and photos by Hans Bølcho

It appears Mary is wearing this ring from Georg Jensen as well as this bracelet. (thanks cph!)

For those who follow Mary's recycling, you will observe that this dress is recycled from an August 2004 visit to the ballet three years ago, and the shoes and bag are also recycled. A kind blog reader has sent us some scans and pics of others wearing this obviously popular dress by Prada, worn by Ellen Pompeo, Kylie Minogue, Gwyneth Paltrow and also by Queen Rania (unpictured):

(thanks Caroline!)

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