Sunday 1 July 2007

Isabella's big day out

Some photos and links to galleries and articles. More to come. The name Isabella is the Italian and Portuguese version of the name (French: Isabelle, Spanish: Isabel, there is a Scottish variant Isobel, and of course Elizabeth is the English variant, plus lots of shortenings these days Belle, Bella, etc.). We have much more to come...

During the christening:

After the christening:

The Sydney Morning Herald 'New Danish princess named Isabella'
TV2 article
ABC Online 'Princess Mary's daughter named Isabella'
The Daily Telegraph 'Mary's baby named Isabella'
DR - Prinsessen hedder Isabella

SMH photo gallery

TV 2 photo gallery
TV 2 photo gallery
TV2 photo gallery
TV2 photo gallery

From The Sunday Tasmanian 'It's Isabella for Mary's princess'

Fiona Hudson in Copenhagen
July 01, 2007 12:00am
PRINCESS "mini Mary" finally has a name -- Isabella Henrietta Ingrid Margrethe -- but the Danish people aren't convinced it befits a potential Queen.
The 10-week-old's moniker was revealed by her Tasmanian mum, Crown Princess Mary, and dad, Crown Prince Frederik, at a christening ceremony last night.
Members of the congregation gasped when the unexpected choice was revealed, and members of the public were non-plussed when told.
Princess Mary said she and her husband chose the name about two weeks ago.
They had consulted a list of Prince Frederik's forefathers and found it on a distant branch of the royal family tree, she said.
In keeping with Danish tradition, even the man who performed the baptism, Bishop of Copenhagen Erik Norman Svendsen, found out the name at the last minute.
He described the baptism as "the happiest act imaginable of endless perspectives".
Princess Mary's older sister, Jane Stephens, was at her West Hobart home hearing the news of the name as it was breaking last night.
"It's a beautiful name and she's really a beautiful little girl," she said.
The baby princess entered the church giggling but soon started wailing and would not settle.
She fell asleep in her mum's lap as the second hymn was sung and did not wake even when the bishop dripped water on her head.
Princess Mary, in a simple mauve frock by a Lithuanian designer, fought back tears as the choir sang a poignant hymn. Asked how her daughter had behaved, she said: "She took it really well, I must say."
Prince Frederik, who started crying before the first chorus of the first hymn, said the ceremony was "beautiful" and he'd especially enjoyed the choir's efforts.
Son Prince Christian sat on his dad's lap for most of the service.
The unexpected name Isabella is the 21st most popular for girls in Denmark but many members of the public do not consider it "royal enough".
Second name Henrietta was the name of Princess Mary's late mother; Ingrid the name of Frederik's favourite grandmother; and Margrethe is the current Queen.
The infant princess wore a lace christening robe first worn by her great-grandfather King Christian X in 1870. She was baptised in the same font used for all Danish royals since 1671.
Mary's father, John Donaldson, and step-mum, Susan Moody, sat near equally proud grandparents Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ever did The Sunday Tasmanian have the name and story when it is on the newstands before 6am Sunday morning Aus time? Thats around 8 hours before the service even started in Denmark? very odd indeed.

1:12 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi betty,
Ha, ha! They should have put July 2. The online person made a booboo. Fiona Hudson has a few things wrong in her article too (as usual). That's tabloid newspapers for you!


9:43 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Much the same as that "audible gasp" I've listened 3 times (speakers, headphones & surround sound) and still can't hear it.
Thank heavens others can't either, I thought I was losing my hearing.

1:46 am  
Blogger lotte said...


Couldn't agree more about the phantom gasp!!

lotte :)

7:07 pm  

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