Sunday 1 July 2007

The godparents

Godparents to Her Royal Highness the Princess

H.R.H. Princess Mathilde of Belgium

H.R.H. Princess Alexia (daughter of Queen Anne-Marie and King Constantine, first cousin to Frederik)

Dr. Nadine Johnston (PhD, friend of Crown Princess Mary from Tasmania, Antarctic research scientist working in Cambridge)

Mr. Christian Buchwald, Medical superintendent (medical doctor and friend of the Crown Prince Couple, tennis partner to Frederik)

Mr. Peter Heering, Director, Major (very close friend of Frederik's, the royal family has a very close connection to the Heering family generally, including Mary, the
Queen and Prince Henrik)

Mrs. Marie Louise Skeel (close friend to the Crown Prince Couple)

The DRTV livestream is on.

Click on the link below - it is just before 8am in Copenhagen

DR live stream

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