Sunday 10 June 2007

Royal family at Queen Ingrid memorial concert

The royal family has attended a gala concert and presentation of a scholarship in honour of Queen Ingrid. It is quite a big family event with the Queen and Prince Henrik, Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Benedikte and her husband Prince Richard zu-Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, Queen Anne-Marie and King Konstantin, Prince Gustav and Carina Axelsson and Crown Prince Pavlos. The presentation of the Queen Ingrid Honour Scholarship at the gala concert was in Tivoli's Concert Hall. The two recipients were 23 year-old ballet dancer Christina L. Olsen from the Danish Royal Ballet School and 19 year-old Andreas Brantelid, a musician interested in specialising in modern music.

Added: DR1 video clip (2:10) about the 40th anniversary of Margrethe and Henrik, shows archival footage from their wedding
TV2 video clip (3:40) Lally Hoffman interview with Henrik in Stockholm on the Dannebrog (he was there for a Europa Nostra meeting)

TV2 article (in Danish)

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