Tuesday 26 June 2007

Quick christening news update

  • Prinsessedåben på DR this is about the DR1 TV coverage next Sunday. There will be pre-christening coverage (Prinsessemorgan) from 6:30am to 8:30am and then the christening (Prinsessens dåb) from 8:30am to 12:30pm. The story tells of who will be covering all the bases in DR's coverage and speculates about Lille prinsessens name (aren't we all curious about that one?), how Christian will get on at the christening and whether Marie Cavallier will attend... So many questions!

  • TV2 is getting into the spirit with a guessing competition for Danes to guess, yes, the names! TV2 will have live coverage also.

  • Prinsessen døbes med kongeligt dåbssæt the royal christening font and its various parts are on the way to Fredensborg Palace Church

  • Lille prinsesse lukker Lyngby Storcenter a large shopping centre Lyngby Storcenter will close on Sunday - very unusual - but the manager thinks everyone will stay at home and watch the christening and the employees at the shopping centre want to do the same.

  • From Viborg Stifts Folkeblad Løvel-pige har tegning med på prinsessebluse is about T-shirts which have been made with children's drawings on them as a commemoration of Lilleprinsessen's christening and to raise money for UNICEF.

    The singer and designer Jeanett Debb has released a book and CD in connectionwith the christening of Lillepigen. It has Danish lullabies and a project of T-shirts with childrens drawings, which are inspired by the texts of the lullabies. The drawings have been created by children from all over Denmark.

    The T-shirt will be issued in cooperation with UNICEF.

    According to this Danish report, Jeanett Debb (34) will appear on Australian television in Sydney, in a 2 hour show in relation to Lillepigen's christening (Channel 9, 29 June 2007 - this is not yet in any program published or online, so to be further advised). Jeanett Debb will sing "Mary's Lullaby" in this show.

    Jeanett Debb - available online - Mary's Lullaby

  • Tasmania's gift to Lilleprinsessen has been presented to the Premier of the state Paul Lennon at Parliament House where it will be on exhibit until tomorrow afternoon before being delivered express to Denmark.

    From The Sydney Morning Herald 'Tassie to give bracelet to Mary's girl' (for Aussies, Tassie = Tasmania)

    The gift is a lovely contrast of things typical of Tasmania: nature (the Tasmanian Devils for Copenhagen Zoo for Christian) and craft (the symbolic bracelet for Lille prinsesse).

    Fornem dåbsgave fra Tasmanien Tasmanian gift of a bracelet is on its way to Denmark

  • German TV channel NDR will show a 45 minute highlights program in the afternoon and repeat it late evening (see link and local guides, thanks S!)

  • The guest list, details of the service and so on will not be released before the arrival of the guests at around 10:30am local Danish time.
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    Blogger Unknown said...

    hi lotte, is the 8.30 am start of coverage in dk time or GMT

    6:43 pm  
    Blogger lotte said...

    Hi rachaelalexandra_06,

    Yes all the times I give are Danish local time. That way you can just put that item and date into the converter with your selected spot on the planet and Bob's your uncle!


    PS - am not sure if they will show the several hours beforehand for the webcast, but I think they will.

    6:16 pm  

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