Saturday 2 June 2007

Media wrap: Frederik's birthday

Current captain of the Dannebrog, Kai Rasch-Larsen, carries the little princess ashore after her first time aboard the royal yacht.

After the birthday/anniversary lunch on the Dannebrog last week Frederik, Mary and the children returned to Fredensborg. Three couples from among their closest friends joined Frederik and Mary in the evening for a small birthday get together at home.

Billed Bladet (no. 22, 1 June 2007) – Family celebration for Frederik

It was probably one of the quietest birthdays Crown Prince Frederik has had in all his 39 years. And despite the drizzling rain, it seemed like it was one of his best because it was celebrated with his family.

“Yes, [my birthday] has been celebrated by my wife, my son and my daughter. It’s been really, really lovely,” said Crown Prince Frederik with a happy smile as he arrived at Nordre Toldbod in Copenhagen with Crown Princess Mary, Prince Christian and the small 35 day old princess...

More than 150 onlookers defied the rain to catch a glimpse of the birthday boy and his family, and they did not wait in vain... Frederik received a lot of cheers and congratulations along the way, and holding Christian, who looked somewhat overwhelmed, he said thank you very much with a big smile, while he momentarily posed for the many photographers with Mary...

The waiting barge took the birthday boy, his little family and the nanny to the royal yacht Dannebrog, which had arrived in Copenhagen Harbour half an hour earlier from Århus to a salute of 27 shots with the regent couple onboard.

The same day as the Crown Prince turned 39, the DRF also celebrated the 75th anniversary of the launching of the royal yacht Dannebrog and her admission into the Danish navy as a royal ship. And so, the Queen and the Prince Consort had invited a few more than ten guests to lunch onboard ... including defence chief Jesper Helsøe and the three previous captains of the Dannebrog...

"It was nice to be onboard again. It was a good lunch,” said retired captain Viggo Hansen, who was accompanied by his colleagues ex-captains Steen Vestergaard and Svend-Aage Kundby-Nielsen, who after his years on the Dannebrog also served six years as the chief-of-court to Queen Ingrid.

Safe at home later in Chancellery House in Fredensborg, Frederik, Mary and the two children could rest a little, before the preparations for the birthday dinner in the evening. The dinner was small and private, with good friends Caroline and Peter Heering, Birgitte and Jeppe Handwerk and Frederik's tennis friend, medical consultant Christian Buchwald and his wife Elizabeth. (by Trine Larsen and translated by Muhler)

Guests arriving at Fredensborg 1) Christian and Elizabeth Buchwald 2) Peter Heering, Birgitte Handwerk:

Hello magazine 'Prince Frederik celebrates birthday aboard royal yacht'

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