Wednesday 27 June 2007

Frederik, Mary, Christian & Ziggy out for a walk

Danish weekly Her & Nu has posted a video clip of Frederik, Mary, Christian, Ziggy and their PET officers, at a discrete distance, out walking in Fredensborg Palace Park recently (no date is given). It even has a very nice bird call sound effect!

Click here to see the 2:27 video clip. Depending on your internet speed, some may need to be patient while it loads. Click on the image of Fredensborg Palace.

The cover for this week's issue (out tomorrow) is 'Super mum in top form'. Underneath the video is another link, to Nikolai and Felix on their recent visit to the circus here (4:20). This one also takes a while to load, but it is the late morning visit the boys made to the circus with their nannies when they met animals, went to the circus school room and played on the slide.

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