Sunday 3 June 2007

Frederik & Mary at the football

Photo from Pictures/Stefan Lindblom

Frederik and Mary were at an action-packed Sweden-Denmark game last night at Parken in Copenhagen. As we can see from the photo, so was Denmark's prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen (on Mary's left). Jane and Craig Stephens and their children are obviously visiting Denmark together, as they were also at the game with Frederik and Mary. The game was abandoned and will go to UEFA's disciplinary committee for a decision. The Swedes were 3-0 ahead when Denmark staged a comeback and equaled the score. A Denmark supporter confonted the German referee on the pitch when the score was 3 all because he didn't like the referee's decision to award a last minute penalty against Denmark. The emotion! It is the leading story in Denmark today.

B.T.'s photo gallery (no Mary or Frederik - these are action shots from the game)

Added: TV2 video clip Denmark's second goal fightback, Frederik and Mary slomo reaction at end
TV2 video clip Denmark's third goal fightback -score 3-3 - at end shows Frederik exchanging comments with someone to his right and Mary standing and applauding

(Many thanks to Lotte Haldrup)

The comeback that never was from Copenhagen Post

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