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Lillepigen update & news wrap

An overdue wrap of some of the stories and people from the time of the birth. The weekend before last Mary and Frederik had a party to welcome Lillepgen to the family's circle of friends (we will post this shortly). Also, doctors and the midwife visited the little princess at home the week before last and found she was doing very well with no signs of jaundice. At a recent red carpet awards appearance last weekend in Melbourne, Amber Petty said when asked that Mary had told her she was up more times through the night with Lille Prinsesse than she was with Christian. So to news... special thanks as always to Muhler and also ambiDK for translation.

Billed Bladet (no.17, 26 April 2007) a recap on the comments as Mary and Frederik left the hospital– We call her Lillepige.
The story tells how well Mary looked two days after giving birth when she and Frederik left Rigshospitalet with their little girl. Mary and Frederik answered the many press questions before returning home where Christian waited.
Mary was asked how was it to become a mother for the second time?
“It was really lovely. And I would like to say thanks right away for all the many good wishes. It’s lovely that so many have followed us so enthusiastically these past days."
Was it an easier birth than the last one?
“Yes, I must say that. It was easier, even though you probably shouldn’t use the word “easier” about a birth. It was also of shorter duration, so that was really great.”
The Crown Prince said that he shed a tear during the birth. Did you too?
“Yes, I don’t mind admitting that. I did. I shed a tear too."
What did you feel, when the Crown Prince said that is was a daughter?
“I think we noticed at the same time. And then the words came from both of us “It’s a girl!”. It was very surprising and lovely and very emotional.
Did you know it would be a girl?
“No, we didn’t. I actually thought it would be a girl. But we are very happy for having a healthy little daughter.”
What do you call your daughter?
“We just call her Lillepige right now."
How has the little princess managed so far?
“She has done so well.”
How does she sleep?
“Very well. She has been so good and very sweet towards her mother. She has only woken up once a night”.
How has Prince Christian coped with having a little sister?
“Christian is fond of her. He has been very brotherly towards her. He is very enthusiastic, he looks at her with great interest. It’s so lovely.”
How was Crown Prince Frederik during the birth. Was he the coach he brags about being?
“Yes, he was, he was a good support.”
Crown Prince Frederik. Have you given your wife a present?
“Yes, I have.”
What was it?
“It’s her, the little one there in her mothers arms”. (this is when Mary points to Lillepigen, pronounced softly like "lil-pea-ah")
Crown Princess Mary you had visitors very late the same day as you gave birth. Have you had more energy this time?
“Yes, I have I must say. It’s been lovely.”
Did you think about your mother when you had your little princess?
“Yes, I did. And I did that too, when I had Christian.”
Have you found a name for your daughter?
“We are considering some (names) but we haven’t quite figured it our yet.”
Will the little princess possibly be called Henrietta just like your mother?
“We will wait and see.”
Could one imagine one of the names being Greenlandic?
“We will not say anything about names right now. We have considered some, but have not yet made a final decision.”
Mary, you have a little son with blue eyes and fair hair. Who does the little princess resemble the most?
“That’s difficult to say right now, but she has her mother’s dark hair,” said Crown Princess Mary, while Frederik adds “Yes, she is very good looking.”
Do you think the children will have much fun with each other?
“Yes, they are pretty close in age, so it will be no wonder if they have a good relationship with each other.”
Are the children to share a room?
“I don’t think they will. Not more than for a few nights now and then, perhaps.”
The Crown Prince has said that Christian is aware of what a baby is. Can he say Baby?
“He has used that word a lot about his mother’s tummy. So yes, he can."
How many children are you going to have?
“We’ll just take one at the time, but we would very much like to have more.”
What is it that is so fantastic about having many children?
“It just creates so much love and I think they will have a lot of joy with each other. I know that from my own childhood.”
Do you think there will be jealousy between the children?
“No, I don’t think so. We will not treat them differently.”
Do you breastfeed your little girl just as you breastfed Prince Christian?
“Yes, I do.”
How is it to have a princess? It’s been so long since we last had a princess in Denmark?
“As I have said all along, the most important thing is to have a healthy child. But it certainly is nice to have one of either sex. And it’s a gift to have had the opportunity to become parents to a girl.”
What is the plan for the next couple of days?
“We are going home to relax and she will have all the care and food she needs. We are going home to feel like a family and generally take it easy.”
How are the grandparents?
“Very well. They are all both proud and very, very happy.”
What are you going to do now?
“We are going to settle in, our little daughter must learn to feel at home and see her brother again. We must find a routine and create an everyday life.” (with thanks to Muhler!)

Frederik looked very happy when sailed out to the Vædderen as part of the welcome home to the Galathea 3 Expedition. There were many congratulations to the new father as he headed out the Vædderen reported Billed Bladet (no.18, 3 May 2007) about the The happy smile of the Crown Prince.

“Congratulations Frederik,” shouted a handful of ice cream munching Snekkersten citizens to Frederik “Thank you very much, that is sweet of you.” Frederik was asked how the little princess was and Frederik replied she was very well and very sweet. He was asked how Crown Princess Mary was, to which he replied that she was also very well...

So, on the quay at Langelinie where the Crown Prince went ashore with the Galathea 3 Expedition there was happiness all around. Thousands of people received the crew of the expedition ship with some grand spectacle, a brass band and choir on the quay was enjoyed by the Crown Prince just as much as all the people waving Dannebrog flags. The good mood of the reception emphasised the happiness of the birth of the new little princess.

Frederik’s party continued during the following days when he opened a Galathea 3 exhibition at the Zoological Museum and again went to the Vædderen to present the research prize onboard. (a paraphrase of Ulrik Ulriksen's article and translated by Muhler)

Billed Bladet no.18, 3 May 2007 also reported on Henrik's delight with his adorable new grandchild. Prince Henrik is a happy man these days and it shows. On meeting Billed Bladet he jubilantly told about the many happy events in his life at the moment. He has become grandfather for the fourth time, and, this time to an adorable little princess. But also at the same time his beloved dachshund the three year old Vega has given birth to three small utterly enchanting puppies.

“It’s going really well with the small puppies, they are so dear and they are very fine looking,” said Prince Henrik to Billed Bladet. He could say the same about his new little grandchild, who so far is called “Lillepigen”, “Yes, she is also really fine looking and sweet and it’s all very blissful,” smiled the Prince Consort, who is in tip top shape both mentally and physically.

“I have just spent a day in Jutland to play tennis, I’m very fond of that,” said Prince Henrik as he hastened home to all the new members of the family, the new little princess in Kancellihuset and the three small puppies at Fredensborg Palace.

“And no, we are not going to keep any of the puppies, we already have three lovely dachshunds,” said the Prince Consort, but he certainly looked like he wished he could keep all of them if it was possible. (by Helle Skram de Fries and translated by Muhler)

Billed Bladet #18, 3 May 2007 (Christening with emphasis on love) has the story on Frederik and Mary choosing to christen Lillepigen at Fredensborg Palace Chapel. It’s in Fredensborg that they and their two children have their everyday lives ... Neither of them want to go to Copenhagen or anywhere else to baptise their daughter. So the christening will take place in Fredensborg where they feel they belong.

It will be a small close knit family who will be invited to christening. Frederik and Mary have lived in Kancellihuset since their wedding in May 2004 and for them the town and the area is the ideal spot. They can be themselves, they have a big house with a beautiful garden and they have the palace park where they can go for walks with their children. They are close to the city and yet at some distance.

For Crown Prince Frederik it also matters to him that his beloved grandmother, Queen Ingrid, lived in Kancellihuset before him. He has been there over many years and has memories of many happy moments. It was there in the house that he told his grandmother about the girl from Australia whom he wanted to marry, and it was in Fredensborg where Queen Ingrid and Crown Prince Frederik had many good and deep conversations.

It was also here Queen Ingrid lived to her death and the place has a colossal significance for Frederik. Queen Ingrid regularly attended Fredensborg Slotskirke and Crown Prince Frederik can hardly avoid remembering his grandmother when his daughter will be christened on Sunday July1st in the church. Just a year prior to her death in November 2000 Ingrid was the guest of honour at the christening of Prince Nikolai, and now the little new princess will have to be christened without the presence of her great grandmother.

The beautiful palace church is regularly used by the DRF but it’s a centuries old tradition that the palace church can also be used by the congregation in the Asminde-rød-Grønholt parishes. That’s why there are regular services there nearly every Sunday and this year SES (which manages state properties) has announced that the church is open to the public from the 1st to 31st of July. That will probably have to be changed this year, so that the opening only starts the day after the christening on Monday July 2nd.

Even though the palace church look small and intimate it’s pretty roomy. When Prince Joachim and Princess Alexandra invited guests to the christening of Nikolai on 6 November 1999, they had 154 guests and just as many are expected at the christening on July 1st. There will be guests from other European royal houses and both Frederik and Mary have a large family, and then there must also be room for many of their friends.

Just as with other big royal events, an announcement was sent out right after the birth on April 21 to the European royal houses about the upcoming christening so that those who will attend could have the date noted in their calendar. As it happens it’s a busy time Frederik and Mary have chosen. The summer vacation will have just started and many royals will go travelling. But a royal christening will probably make most postpone the vacation for a couple of days.

When Lillepigen will be christened on July 1st she will only be ten weeks old. She will easily fit into the grand christening gown in which most Danish princes and princesses have been christened through generations. It was almost not possible when Prince Christian was baptised on January 21st last year. He was then thirteen weeks old and a big boy. But as is known it was possible to dress him in the beautiful christening gown, which was originally sewn for King Christian X when he was christened in 1870.

At the baptism of Prince Christian last year it was not just a little boy, but also a future crown prince and king who was christened and so 323 guests were invited to Christiansborg Palace Church. All of "official Denmark" was represented and the baptism was just as much a state occasion as a family occasion. This time it’s about the family and what is near and dear that will mark the christening. (by Annelise Weimann and kindly translated by Muhler!)

Billed Bladet also notes that it is very unlikely that Countess Alexandra will be invited, although her children will of course be there. It is stated that as Alexandra rarely sees the DRF, Mary and Frederik feel no obligation to invite her. It is also thought it will be nothing less than a sensation if Marie Cavallier should be invited to the christening, because that would mean that she and Joachim are officially engaged before then. Such a sensation would overshadow the christening and Joachim would not do that to his brother.

Billed Bladet no. 17 2007 wrote about the Crown Prince Family being four now and that Prince Christian welcomed his baby sister. The Crown Prince Couple followed tradition and said hello to the people in front of the Chancellery House in Fredensborg.

Little Prince Christian was waiting impatiently with anticipation in the door to the Chancellery House next to Fredensborg Castle for their arrival: mum, dad and his new little sister. They would be together as a small, yet bigger, family after the previous days’ happenings, which can be hard to understand when you are just a year and a half old.

On the castle square outside, several hundred citizens from Fredensborg had gathered to welcome the town’s newest royal – in hope the that the Crown Prince Couple would do the same as they did when they returned home with the newborn Prince Christian and come out in front of the Chancellery House to present the family’s newest member.

And they were not let down. After a short wave to the gathered group of people, the trio went inside the Chancellery House – but then came out a moment later as a quartet. Little Prince Christian had been taken care of by grandparents John and Susan Donaldson – and he had a hard time containing his excitement to see mum and dad again.

The interest for the new little sister had some competition though from TV2’s news helicopter, which was flying above Fredensborg. That is something which a little boy understands, Prince Christian was pointing at the flying machine with excitement, until he saw the people on the castle square, who were waving small Dannebrog flags. Then the young man waved with all his might. Christian was concentrating so hard on waving to the many people who had gathered to congratulate them that he was not to be coaxed back inside easily. When daddy returned to the house and picked up Christian, he realised that the fun outside was about to end.

During this, his little sister slept calmly in mum’s arms – still unaware of the attention she was getting. But if she follows her brother’s example, it won’t be many months before she knows how to wave to the people.

Hands full

It was an intimate and tender moment when Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary came home to Fredensborg with Prince Christian. After they had shown their firstborn to the waiting local citizens, the Crown Prince Couple walked back to the Chancellery House. Frederik carried the little Christian, and Mary caressed both of them. In deep confidence, she put her right arm around Frederik’s shoulder while she caressed her baby with the left hand. On Monday morning [week before last], the picture was almost the same. The same but with a difference. Now, it was a family of four who came home. Crown Prince Frederik carried Christian, who had been waiting anxiously, and Mary carried their newborn daughter. The Crown Prince Couple’s happiness was as evident as last time, but there wasn’t time for all the same loving touches. Because now, there is two children to take care of and both Frederik and Mary have their hands full.

A mature Mary

It was a young and happy Crown Princess Mary who showed her firstborn in October 2005 at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Prince Christian, the heir to the throne, made his mother’s happiness greater and her life richer. It is a Mary just as beautiful and lovely who has just become mother of two young children, but it has changed her life that she is now a mother in a bigger Crown Prince Family.
Mary has developed a lot since she had Prince Christian. She has become more mature and she has changed both her looks and her thoughts about life. There was something young and straightforward about Mary and her long loose hair when she left Rigshospitalet with Prince Christian and Crown Prince Frederik by her side in October 2005. A lovely smile and happy eyes ... gave the impression of a very young woman, who was beginning a new chapter of her life. The birth was long and hard, but Mary was young, only 33 years old then, and the pain was quickly forgotten.
...Mary has all the help she could need around her. But becoming a mother and the many thoughts that gives you is a process she has to get through on her own. It changes her view of life no matter what and the happy smile also contains an experience and maturity, which has never been there before. It suited Mary to become a mother for the first time. It suits her even more to become one again... (thanks ambiDK!)

Billed Bladet once more (busy week in the newsroom!) Happy grandfather- Christian slept in the backseat
JohnDonaldson was a proud and happy grandfather who visited Rigshospitalet last Sunday [week ago] to see his new little royal grandchild, Denmark’s new princess.
Grandfather Donaldson chose one of the back entrances to the hospital when he arrived for a visit from Århus, where he lives and works.
But John Donaldson spent the whole morning visiting his youngest daughter, who had given birth to his 10th grandchild the day before - the seventh little girl.
As the youngest sibling of four, three sisters and a brother, Crown Princess Mary is also the last one to have children, so there is an age difference of 14 years between Donaldson’s oldest grandchild and the new little princess.
While John Donaldson admired his youngest grandchild during his visit, he also had an opportunity to be with little Prince Christian who was also visiting his mother and his little sister.

Grandfather was the babysitter
Even though the little princess has been kind to her mother, according to Mary, the many visits to the room did tire her, so at lunchtime John Donaldson drove with Crown Prince Frederik home to Fredensborg to eat lunch and let little Prince Christian take a nap.
But the one and a half year old Prince started on the nap early sitting in the back seat behind grandfather Donaldson and with dad behind the wheel, he was asleep in his car seat when they drove up to the Chancellery House at Fredensborg Castle.
After lunch, Crown Prince Frederik put his son in the baby jogger and together with the dog Ziggy and his father-in-law, Crown Prince Frederik took a long walk in the Castle Gardens. Even though it was cold Ziggy had to be walked and it gave Frederik the opportunity to spend some time with John Donaldson.
John Donaldson spent the night at the Chancellery House and so he stood in the door with Prince Christian when Mary and Frederik came back to Fredensborg on Monday with their new little princess. (thanks ambiDK!)

Alexandra jubilant: a cousin for Nikolai and Felix

Countess Alexandra went to the Experimentarium with her husband Martin Jørgensen and her two boys when the Crown Princess gave birth to the new little princess. So the Countess heard the news as soon as she was back home in the house on Svanemøllevej.
It is also from there that she – like the rest of Denmark – followed the little princess’ first two days of life on TV.
" I am really happy for the Crown Prince Couple and it is a great pleasure for me that everything has gone so well and that they have a little princess. It is lovely for them.
Felix and Nikolai liked the fact that they have a new cousin and the boys have been talking about how they look forward to seeing the new little baby all weekend, says Alexandra.
Exactly when the two young princes will have the opportunity to say hello to their royal cousin is still unsure, but it will happen soon when the little princess is settled in her home in the Chancellery House. (many thanks ambiDK!)

A good day to be born
...From this year on, April 21 will be added to the list of national festive days. The buses in Copenhagen will have small flags on them and Dannebrog (the flag) will be on all official buildings when the third person on the list of heirs to the Danish throne will celebrate her birthday every year.
But the date is also a historical day for royals in other ways.
The new little princess’ great-great-great-aunt, England’s Queen Elizabeth, was also born on April 21 81 years ago. And one of the history’s great women, the Russian Empress Catherine the Great, was born on the same date as Denmark’s Lillepige in 1729 [not quite true, she was born on May 2, the April 21 date is based on the old Julian Calendar].
Among the “almost royal persons” the princess shares her birthday with Countess Danner, who was born as Louise Rasmussen on this date in 1815 – and ended up as the wife to the left hand [mistress] of King Christian VII.
Finally, the Lillepige’s great-grandfather, Queen Margrethe’s father King Frederik IX, was proclaimed king on April 21 in 1947. Sixty years later exactly, his great-granddaughter saw the light of the day and so there is another reason to hoist Dannebrog. (thanks ambiDK!)

Sisters Patricia and Jane: Mary called after delivery

Crown Princess Mary called her siblings in Australia to tell them about the little new princess.

"Mary called me just after she had given birth and told me the wonderful news, that she had had a little girl. She also said that everything had gone well. She was naturally very happy and all of us in the family are pleased." Crown Princess Mary’s sister Jane Stephens is very happy when she tells about her new little niece. She has three kids of her own and so she knows how happy Mary is right now. She thinks it is impressive that Mary herself called shortly after the happy event. The last time Mary gave birth, in October 2005, big sister Jane quickly went for a visit to the Chancellery House.
"Of course I will be visiting this time as well, but I don’t know when. But I am looking forward to seeing the little princess and I’m thrilled."
Crown Princess Mary’s other sister Patricia Bailey also received a phone call from Mary too.
"I am so happy for Mary and Frederik that they also have a daughter now. It is just perfect," says Patricia, who is usually called Trish. "I think it’s wonderful that they have had number two and I am so happy for Christian as well. It is a good thing for him that he has got a sister." Trish is also planning a trip to Denmark in connection with the birth. "But I haven’t decided when to go yet," says Trish. (thanks ambiDK)

Everybody wanted to see the Princess - Mary’s many visitors
There was great joy that everything had gone well and that a little new princess had been born, among Mary's and Frederik’s closest circle of friends.
Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were the first ones to visit on Saturday night, only three hours after the birth of the little princess but they were hardly out of the door before the Crown Prince Couple’s good friends Peter Heering and his wife Caroline, who is Mary’s lady-in-waiting, arrived.
Later on, the Crown Prince’s best friend Jeppe Handwerk and his wife Birgitte visited, and the three pairs of friends had a good time together and admired the little princess until both the Heerings and Handwerks left Rigshospitalet together to let the Crown Princess rest and spend some time with her little daughter and Frederik on her own.
The next morning, the next visitors arrived. Mary’s father John Donaldson came as well as little Prince Christian and when it was clear to see that Mary and the little princess would stay at the maternity ward for another day, guests and gifts and beautiful flowers started arriving.

Jeppe Handwerk and his wife Birgitte would not say anything, not before or after they had visited the little princess, but they were smiling. The couple has a daughter of the same age as Prince Christian. Birgitte also gave birth to her daughter, India, at the Rigshospitalet maternity ward, and even in the same pink room where Mary gave birth to her princess.

When Christian, Elisabeth, Ida, Andreas and Anna Buchwalk visited "It was a cosy visit," said consultant Christian Buchwald, who is Crown Prince Frederik’s tennis partner and coach. Christian brought his wife Elisabeth and the couple’s three children Ida, Andreas and Anna with him to visit.

The Crown Prince Couple’s good friend Peter Warnøe brought his daughters, Barbara, 11, and Bjørk, 5, with him. They said that they owe the little princess a gift, as the shops had just closed. And they also revealed that during their visit, Prince Christian had treated his little sister with a hard hand, like a real big brother.

Caroline Heering, Mary’s lady-in-waiting, was among the last ones who left the room on Saturday and among the first ones to come for a visit on Sunday. The Crown Princess is doing fantasticly well and the little princess is so fine and cute. And yes, I have held her, smiled a happy Caroline Heering, who is a mother of two girls aged five and two.

The Baron couple Helle and Otto Reedtz-Thott came for a visit with a beautiful bouquet of tulips from their own fine castle garden at Gavnø Castle. "It is a very, very beautiful little girl and we are happy for the Crown Prince Couple, said Helle Reedtz-Thott on the way out from the visit.

Flowers from Joachim: already by Saturday afternoon, Prince Joachim sent a wonderful pink bouquet to his sister-in-law Crown Princess Mary to congratulate her on the birth of the princess. The bouquet was handed in by the Royal Court’s usual flower supplier, Beering House of Flowers, and the owner Bjarne Als, who had done the bouquet himself, and delivered flowers from himself as well, which contained a little teddy bear for the newborn princess.

Julie Møslgaard, who Crown Prince Frederik has known since the happy days at Øregård Gymnasium (high school), dropped by for a short visit at Rigshospitalet. She brought a secret gift for her shopping friend Mary and a little kiss for the newborn Princess. Julie visited the Crown Prince Couple late on Sunday night, so she only stayed for a French (?) visit.

(above all from Billed Bladet and kindly translated by ambiDK)

* For our reader who asked about the baby blanket used by Mary to leave hospital with both Christian and Lillepigen it seems it was from Perhaps you can tell us knitted or crochet?

The description: the beautiful baby blanket of the danish crown prince. Old irish pattern
Materials: Alpaca
Color: White
Size: 1 x 1 meter

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