Saturday 3 March 2007

A countess for a kingdom

Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg is now married to Martin Jørgensen in a ceremony in which Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix walked Alexandra down the aisle of the little church and which, as far as we can tell, Prince Joachim did not attend.

TV2 'Alexandra giver sit ja til Martin i dag' - article in Danish saying today Princesse Alexandra waves goodbye to her title as a princess. The same time she says "yes" she is saying "yes" to live as a commoner. In the future her name and title is Alexandra Christina, Countess of Frederiksborg.

Berlinske Tidende 'Et helt privat bryllup'
Some pre-wedding info:
* 83 year old Richard Manley will not walk Alexandra down the aisle.
* Alexandra will walk down the aisle holding hands with Nikolai and Felix where she will meet Martin at the altar with his best man, award-winning photographer Erik Refner
* PET (Danish police protective service) will provide protection as a last act before Alexandra becomes a private person
* emeritus pastor Peter Parkov will preside but the church's pastor Anne Rydahl Nielsen will give the sermon, prayer, and so on
* 15 members of the DR Girl's Choir will sing during the service
* soprano Charlotte Withen will sing
* there will be a number of hymns selected by Alexandra and Martin for their significance for them
* this wedding will be very different to her royal wedding of 1995 -- now she will have 90 guests in the church and 30 more are invited for the reception at Jomfruens Egede

DR video clip (01:58) Alexandra and Martin photocall

TV2 photo gallery (life before the second wedding)

TV2 wedding gallery

TV2 photo gallery - guests arriving

Alexandra and Martin arriving for their wedding rehearsal last Monday (26 February 2007). Nikolai, Felix, Martin's parents and others in the wedding party were present and they all had lunch together afterwards.

At around 5pm Danish time Princess Alexandra was removed from the pages of the Danish Royal website. She is still there, but as Alexandra Countess of Frederiksborg.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Alexandra looks stunning. She has such beautiful face & figure. And the dress is just suberb. But I don't know - personally I would not have chosen that colour & veil, if it was my 2. wedding. But well, anyway she looks lovely, best wishes to her and her new husband!

12:05 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well her new man is definetly more sexy than her ex husbank ..good luck to them.

6:40 pm  

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