Wednesday 29 November 2006

Melbourne was the next stop

Crown Prince Frederik, Crown Princess Mary and Christian spent the night and today in Melbourne. Mary's friend Amber Petty now lives back in Melbourne, so presumably they caught up, along with other friends from Mary's Melbourne days. The Crown Prince family are presumed to now be in Sydney. Where? We will see no doubt!

Crown Princess Mary is the patron of the The Alannah and Madeline Foundation. Read the Better Buddies Program 2006 and read about Walter Mikac and follow the links to find out why this is important to Mary. Also a link to the Aspendale Gardens Primary School and info about their student wellbeing/better buddies approach which Mary has helped connect to new programs in Denmark. Mary is involved in a working party for the Red Barnet/Save the Children Fund in Denmark to mobilise anti-bullying programs in Danish schools based on the model developed in Australia and promoted by the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. If you have sharp eyes you will see John Bertram, the captain of Mary's boat in the pre-wedding match race in Copenhagen, who is involved with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation.

November 29, 2006. Melbourne, VIC. Princess Mary visit to Aspendale Primary School. Crown Princess Mary saying goodbye and smiling at the childrens' parents waiting outside the grounds.

November 29, 2006. Melbourne, Vic. Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark visit Southbank precinct for lunch.

.... and some media reports.

From The Herald Sun (Melbourne):

Eat, drink and be Mary

Kelly Ryan and Chloe Adams
November 30, 2006 12:00am

CROWN Princess Mary proved she is the people's princess yesterday.
The royal popped in to a suburban state primary school and lunched on the balcony of a popular Melbourne cafe.
After flying into Melbourne on Jetstar the day before, Princess Mary looked cool and stylish in white pants and jacket as she strolled past stunned shoppers at Southbank.
Her casually dressed husband, Crown Prince Frederik, looked relaxed as he walked beside her.
The down-to-earth couple chose popular eatery Blue Train for a quick bite.
It was a sentimental visit for Mary, who used to lunch there when she worked for a nearby advertising agency.
While diners chatted in nearby seats unaware of the royal presence, the pair sat quietly at table 418.
They munched on a salad then had coffee.
Both sipped tap water with a slice of lemon.
Four plain-clothes security guards seated nearby blended in well until one was called on to escort the princess to the ladies' room.
Waitresses sighed with relief when the royals left, one quipping: "The boys have gone off to faint".
Mary spent the morning with excited children at Aspendale Gardens Primary School.
The surprise visit was a chance for her to learn first-hand about Better Buddies, a program initiative of the Alannah and Madeline Foundation, of which she is international patron.
Designed to stop schoolyard bullying, Better Buddies matches older students with their younger classmates.
Alannah and Madeline Foundation chairman John Bertrand said the school was chosen as one of 700 across the nation to introduce the program.
Princess Mary plans to implement a variation of Better Buddies in Danish schools through Save the Children Denmark.
She proved a hit with the kids during her two-hour visit.
"It was fantastic. You know, she is quite a lady," Mr Bertrand said.
"She learnt a lot and she is very inquisitive and intelligent and the kids loved it.
"They were all struck with this woman of Denmark. The kids were just looking at her and interested in this young woman and were totally honest about the Better Buddies program.
"You can't fool kids -- they are straight to the point."
The princess visited several classes and asked the children questions.
"She was drilling down to understand how the program works and it was very exciting, I must say," Mr Bertrand said.
Prince Frederik spent the morning at St Kilda children's store Chalk n Cheese, where he bought clothing for son Christian.

From The Hobart Mercury:
Mary steps out in Melbourne

November 29, 2006 12:00am

CROWN Princess Mary tried to shun publicity when she made a surprise low key and private visit to a suburban primary school this morning.
The Danish royal who hails from Down Under popped in to Aspendale Gardens Primary School for a lesson on the Alannah and Madeline Foundation's Better Buddies program.
As International Patrol of the Foundation, the Crown Princess hopes to implement a variation of the Better Buddies Framework in Danish schools through Save the Children Denmark.
The program aims to reduce the incidence and effect of schoolyard bullying.
Alannah and Madeline Foundation chairman John Bertrand said Princess Mary was relaxed and delightful with the primary schoolchildren during her two hour visit.
Aspendale Gardens Primary was chosen for the royal visit because it was one of the first schools to adopt Better Buddies in which older students are given responsibility for the youngest kids in their school communities.
Excited children could be heard screaming in glee during Princess Mary's visit.
Shoppers at Melbourne's Southgate received a royal surprise when Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik visited today.

Seven News video clip (1:15) The day Princess Mary came to school 7News - Wed Nov 29 4:46 PM EST
Princess Mary has given a group of Melbourne school kids a thrill, surprising them with a visit to their school.

Sky News Australia Online:

Mary in Melbourne

Princess Mary has given a group of Melbourne school-kids a thrill with a surprise visit to Aspendale Gardens Primary School.
The tour was kept top secret operation, with the students only finding out about their special guest at the last moment.
Princess Mary was touring the school to learn about their 'Better Buddies' program, which is an anti-bullying scheme the Princess wants to take back to Denmark.
Melbourne is the second last destination for the Royals' Australian visit, before they head off to Sydney.

The Age (Melbourne)

Princess Mary 'staying in Melbourne'

November 29, 2006 - 6:24AM

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, along with their son Prince Christian, are believed to be staying in Melbourne.
The Danish royals are staying at Como in suburban South Yarra, according to News Limited.
Mary left Tasmania after spending six days with her family on a private visit.
The Hobart-born princess flew from Hobart to Melbourne with her 13-month-old son.
Crown Prince Frederik is believed to have left Hobart on Tuesday morning.
Royal protocol does not allow Frederik to fly with his son, who is second in line to the Danish throne.
Mary is expected to visit NSW before returning to Denmark early next month.
The royal family spent time in Hobart with Mary's sisters and browsed through galleries and market stalls in the city's historic Salamanca precinct.
The princess showed little sign of a baby bump despite recently announcing she will have her second child in May.
The family managed to evade the media for the final two days of the visit, spending time with Mary's relatives at an unknown location.
© 2006 AAP

From The Daily Telegraph - Sydney Confidential

No-frills Princess thrills

November 29, 2006 12:00

MAGDA Szubanski may be a crowd favourite for her hilarious Jetstar commercials.
But yesterday a no-frills Princess Mary and her royal son Christian proved the best advertisement for the domestic airline, hopping on board for the next leg of their Aussie adventure holiday.
Adding to her image of having the common touch, travelling cattle class like everyone else for the flight to Melbourne, the move also caught out a few paparazzi who expected the Danish royal to travel in private jet set style.
Crown Prince Fred got up early to give the waiting press the slip, travelling on a seperate flight - believed to meet royal protocol, which discourages the heir and spare from flying together.
The royal couple are expected to catch up with Mary's bridesmaid Amber Petty in Melbourne, before joining friends in Sydney later this week.

From The Courier Mail (Brisbane)

She's apples until next time

November 28, 2006 11:00pm

CROWN Princess Mary has farewelled Tasmania, after a six-day visit to the state, with a low-key departure yesterday.
The Tasmanian-born princess and her 13-month-old son Prince Christian left Hobart just before 3pm aboard a flight bound for Melbourne, while Prince Frederik is believed to have left the state earlier in the day.
Mary's departure wrapped up a six-day private stay by the royal trio, who spent time visiting the former Tasmanian schoolgirl's family.
Avoiding the departure lounge, Mary and Christian were driven on to the tarmac by a procession of vehicles, their black Audi 4WD flanked by Federal Police and security personnel.
Smiling, Mary stepped from the Audi, her dark hair, dangling earrings and long cream and black skirt blowing in the light breeze.
As aircrew loaded her luggage – including Christian's pram – on to the plane, the prince, dressed in a long-sleeve grey top and grey pants, looked to the sky as Mary pointed out a helicopter flying overhead.
Royal protocol does not allow Frederik to fly with his son, who is second in line to the Danish throne.

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