Saturday 25 November 2006

Mary goes to market

A kiss for Christian from mother Mary yesterday.
Photo in The Sun Herald: Per Groth

Family time in Hobart continues for the Donaldsons. Family members gathered are Jane and Craig Stephens and their children Alexander, Erin and Kate, Patricia and Scott Bailey and their daughter Mollie and Patricia's two older children Michael and Maddison, also John, Mary's brother, his wife Leanne and their daughters Sheree and Michelle and John Donaldson senior. There are other family members no doubt, but we haven't seen them in photos yet. Frederik and John (brother) have been out and about together and generally Mary seems determined to just be in her home town and enjoy the things she loves about her original home. Christian's nanny Mette Hansen (second photo below) is also out and about and obviously warmly embraced within the Donaldson clan.

From The Sunday Tasmanian:

If it's Saturday, it's Salamanca for Mary
by Kane Young
November 26, 2006 12:00am

[The Sunday Tasmanian is the Sunday version of The Hobart Mercury]
SALAMANCA shoppers got more than they bargained for yesterday as Princess Mary and her entourage descended on the market to pick up some mementos of home.
The princess, who arrived for a holiday on Wednesday, is believed to have made two trips to the market yesterday, browsing in the early morning before returning in the afternoon.
Pushing baby Prince Christian in a pram, she was surrounded by family members, including her father John Donaldson, and security guards.
But Crown Prince Frederik was nowhere to be seen during the afternoon shopping mission.
Princess Mary bought some Tasmanian memorabilia and looked at clothing and jewellery, shadowed by a horde of photographers and TV cameras.
As well as the professional media, many market patrons were seen pulling out mobile phones to take snapshots of the princess, and then calling friends to boast of their close encounter with royalty.
With her shopping done, Princess Mary stopped to accept gifts for Christian from members of the public before walking along Salamanca lawns and past the Silo Apartments to a black 4WD, parked near the CSIRO. [Australian Government Scientific and Research Organisation building in Hobart]
After loading Christian and her purchases into the car, Princess Mary waved and said hello to well-wishers before jumping behind the wheel, doing a U-turn and driving off through Battery Point.
Senator Guy Barnett said Tasmania should avoid becoming like Europe, where Mary and Frederik have "paparazzi chasing them down" everywhere they go.
"They've been very, very kind to Tasmania," he said. "We've got to now call it quits and let them enjoy their holiday."

From The Sun Herald

Princess Mary in the market for a mystery

By Matthew Benns
November 26, 2006

CROWN Princess Mary took her son shopping at the markets of Hobart yesterday.
Happily mingling with crowds, the princess pushed son Christian, in a blue stroller, through the historic Salamanca Markets.
It was a relaxed Saturday morning for the princess, who is in Australia for a two-week personal visit with husband Crown Prince Frederik.
She was with sister Patricia Bailey, her two nieces and father John Donaldson for the trip to the markets. Like many husbands on holiday, Prince Frederik opted to duck the shopping trip.
Although it is a low-key visit, with the royals ignoring luxury hotels to stay at the West Hobart home of Mary's sister Jane Stephens, as many as four Danish bodyguards shadowed their every move.
The princess, who is three months pregnant, spent a great deal of time pondering earrings at one stall and colourful blankets at another.
She made a purchase that was carefully wrapped in a black plastic bag and plumped on top of the stroller for the rest of the shopping expedition.
Prince Christian stayed tucked up under a white blanket and only put in an appearance as his mum lifted him up, gave him a quick peck on the cheek, and popped the 13-month-old into a car.
The day before, the Danish royals had made their only official appearance of their visit with a photo call at Bonorong Wildlife Park, north of Hobart.
Prince Christian, nicknamed the kingaroo in Denmark, made an impression there with a swift kick to the head of a pademelon.

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