Wednesday 4 October 2006

Mary visits child care centre

Today Crown Princess Mary, accompanied by the Lord Major of Copenhagen Ritt Bjerregaard, visited the Frederiksholm Child Care Centre in Borgbjergsvej, Copenhagen. The child care centre caters for 16 children from 0-3 years and 44 from 3-6 years.

According to Børn&Unge Copenahagen Municipality gave sponsorship of this 'ordinary' kindergarten to Christian as a christening gift. The gift comes with 10,000DKk which Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary will decide how it can best be used for the benefit of the centre. Elisabeth Lunding, chief of the Børnehuset Frederiksholm, said, "The thought behind the gift is that throughout his childhood Prince Christian will have a connection with an ordinary day care institution with kids of different backgrounds, and somebody must have felt that we fit the picture." (With thanks to cph and Thor.)

from (visit site for more pics) video (2:20)

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Blogger Unknown said...

Lotte, Gigi, do either of you have a link to the photograph at the Danish Opening of Parliament where Mary & Fred are looking at each other in a manner I can only describe as "foxy"?! I cannot find it anywhere and would appreciate some help. Many thanks, Zarich/Posh Tater

3:56 pm  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi PT,

I am not quite sure which photo you are referring to.

Copy and paste our link to the event:

maybe what you are hunting for is in one of the galleries? 'cause I don't think there is any 'foxy' stuff among our pics. Have you been watching Kath and Kim? :D

Good luck hunting...

Take care *wave*
lotte :)

2:12 pm  

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