Saturday 23 September 2006

Reburial of Dagmar - Russian Orthodox ceremony last night

B.T. reports last night there was a special celebration in Roskilde Cathedral to mark the beginning of Empress Dagmar's final journey from Danish soil to be interred in Russia. Romanov relatives, Russian Orthodox priests and representatives from 'official Russia' participated in the ceremony. The vault underneath Christian IX's Chapel in Roskilde was illuminated by candle light while the former Danish princess and later Russian Empress was celebrated and remembered with pious songs and prayers. Bishop Alexander Dimitrov from the Russian Orthodox church in Moscow and the archbishop from the Russian Church in Bredgade, in Copenhagen, were the priests conducting the ceremony.

Right, Tsar Alexander III will soon be joined by his wife as was her wish.

And so, Dagmar has spent her last night on Danish soil and will soon be the centre of the ceremonies marking her final departure from her native Denmark and begin her journey to her final resting place in Russia.

Below, Roskilde Cathedral, the route of the procession from Roskilde to Langelinie today, Dagmar's casket in the Roskilde Cathedral crypt:

Reburial of Empress Maria Feodorovna (Ministery of Foreign Affairs of Denmark)



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