Monday 18 September 2006

Queen Margrethe had minor surgery

The Queen was hale and hearty at the 400 year anniversary of Rosenborg Castle last week.

The Lord Chamberlain (head of Queen Margrethe's court) Ove Ullerup has announced in a press release that Queen Margrethe was admitted to Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet (University Hospital) last Sunday for a minor hernia surgery.

B.T. reports the Queen has had the hernia operation and says that spokeswoman for the Royal Family, Lis M. Frederiksen, would only confirm the Queen was admitted to hospital on Sunday. Frederiksen said all other details about why and when surgery was decided were confidential between patient and doctor.

The surgical procedure was done by consultant professor and clinic chief at Rigshospitalet Preben Kirkegaard. The Queen has already been released from hospital today (Monday). "And within a couple of days we expect that she will be up and running and able to take care of her duties again," says Lis. M. Frederiksen.

The Queen, 66, had surgery for a left knee replacement this last summer which required rehabilitation. Before that the Queen suffered with pain which was occasionally obvious during official engagements. The Queen has also had a history of back pain and in the future will undergo another knee replacement on her right knee.

The B.T. article also mentions Prince Henrik's recent problems with a leg ulcer last June and the rest and intensive treatment required for it to heal. This time around the Queen is expected to be up and about within several days. (Thanks to Muhler for translation.)

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