Thursday 21 September 2006

Mary visits Prague - day one

Crown Princess Mary enjoys a walking tour through the market square in the old town of Prague

Visit to the 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, Charles University Faculty of Medicine, Karlovo, Facility for treatment and prevention of osteoporosis and diabetes, based on co-operation with Danish pharmaceutical companies NYCOMED and Novo Nordisk

Taking a tour of Staromeska Namesti in historic Prague, Czech Republic.

Boat trip on the River Vltava, hosted by Mrs. Livia Klausová.

Crown Princess Mary and wife of Czech President Livia Klausova leave Prague's quay after a sightseeing boat trip on the Vltava River in Prague, Czech Republic.

Concert by the Danish National Symphony Orchestra at Rudolfinum Concert Hall

Czech in for Princess Mary in The Sydney Morning Herald
Mary goes solo for visit to Prague in Hello! magazine
Australians in Prague greet their Danish Princess in The Prague Daily Monitor
TV 2 video clip (3.30 mins) Mrs Livia Klausová speaks in English ("representing one's country is not as easy as it looks") in a mini-interview and the TV presenter mentions how Mary is away from Christian for the first time, she commented to a journalist it is not easy to be separated.

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