Friday 10 March 2006

Mary attends Heart Association anniversary

 border=Today Mary attended the anniversary event of The Danish Heart Association. It is celebrating more than 40 years as an organisation working for heart patients' interests, prevention and research. Mary is patron of the association and it is a particularly meaningful organisation for her because her mother died on 20 November 1997 following a heart operation. Mary also has a connection to the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute in Sydney, Australia, as an Honorary Life Governor.

The event will be in the Christian VII's/Moltke's Palace at Amalienborg, in which Mary, Frederik and Christian have an apartment as their Copenhagen base.

According to the Danish version of the association's website, Mary will present honours and research funds to researchers into heart valve diseases.

Thanks to the wonderful Lasse for the translation of Crown Princess Mary's speech!
Little more than a year ago, my work for the Heart Association began. It is of great importance to me that the research of heart disease remains something we understand the necessity of, and remains something we support.
I am therefore very happy today, on the occasion of the birthday of the Danish Heart Association, to be able to give five researchers the very necessary means to their vital work.
Lene Hyldgaard Pedersen has done a great piece of work for young people, born with heart disease. Her effort has already meant a better life quality for young people suffering from heart disease.
Jordi Dahl and Morten Dahlsgaard work in different fields with improving the treatment of people with serious heart valve disease.
Thomas Sangild Sørensen is, in his research, on the track of how new technology can be used to diagnose and treat heart disease.
Vibeke Guldbrand Rasmussen works with heart disease which strikes patients already fighting another, severe illness.
All of the five researchers show great commitment and a significant ability to finding new ways in the treatment of exactly heart valve disease. A group of disease which sadly strikes more and more.
By fighting the consequences of serious heart disease, we help not only the sick individual. We also help the many family members whose lives are changed when a loved one is struck by a severe illness.
It is my hope that the effort of researches will in time benefit many heart patients and their families.
To the researchers I would like to say thank you for your commitment and will - and enjoy your work!
You can read the original Danish version in the official website.

EDIT: We're quite late with this, but we just wanted to let you know the wonderful Lasse, has shared his translation of Queen Margrethe's New Year speech with us. You can read it here.

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