Saturday 18 February 2006

Frederik & Mary visit the "Museum am Danewerk"

 border=DANNEWERK, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 18: Denmark's Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary visit the former border 'Waldemarsmauer' between Denmark and Germany.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your blog, being a closet Danish Royal Family watcher from Australia.

I wish we could have the Danish monarchy as ours rather than the British!


10:08 am  
Blogger lotte said...

Hi phentermine,
Thanks! Glad we are worthy of a bookmark :)
Well, all I can say is the Danes are a part of 'the Australian story' now because of Mary. But the constitutional change required though?!! o_O ;D
There were some funny cartoons when Fred & Mary visited Australia in 2005. One had Queen Elizabeth with the Australian flag except that the Union Jack was replaced by the Danish flag, she said 'Bugger!' :)

4:50 pm  
Blogger PDS said...

Hi Lotte, Hi Gigi,

you have a phantastic website here. I love to visit and check up on all the new "gossip". One little request though, could you post more pictures and stories about Joachim & Marie.

Thank's from the US

8:16 pm  

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