Wednesday 25 January 2006

A new web baby!


His Royal Highness Prince Christian has been added to the Crown Prince Couple's website and also to the Royal Family's website.

We will be able to 'officially' follow his progress from now on. Named in church and launched on the world wide web within a couple of days: it's a new world!

Update: It was also reported in Denmark by Politiken and other media that various forms of Christian's name were registered as domain names by net pirates. The Danish monarchy already experienced something like this when Frederik's name was registered some years ago, and the royal court won a case against the perpetrators in 2004. When the newborn Dutch Princess Catherine Amalia (and future Queen of the Netherlands) was born in 2003, her name was known to the media before it was registered by her father because the Dutch court registered domain names in advance. In the case of the Christian domain names, it is likely the net pirates will have to 'hand 'em over'!

HRH Prince Christian
The Danish Monarchy



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